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 Are you interested in mafia, mob or gangsters? If yes, then be ready to review the true story of American mafia through the new mafia books. The mafia is one of the interesting topics that give you overview of the gangsters in 20th century. The mafia story is somewhat related to challenges and crimes which must give you new experience. The mafia bosses are the gangsters who try to live their life in the way they actually want. There is one of the new mafia books namely A Wiser Guy is really the great mafia book ever that describe the true story about the American Mafia. Here, you will learn about the most popular mafia bosses and the story of their life. Basically, it covers all the aspects about the American mafia as it is an Italian American criminal society and offshoot of Silican Mafia. The American mafia bosses are those criminals who were treated with contempt by the Government.


These mafia bosses always perform the illegal crimes and activities and they mainly involve in murders, robbery, extortion, theft, burglary and so on. The American Mafia continues to dominate organized crime and maintain control over the criminal activities in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and many more cities. The book “A Wiser Guy” is written by Louis P Divita, the grandson on Paul Palmeri who was the founding member of Mafia. He has mentioned the history of the mafia and the whole story of Castellammerse War Mafia. There are other popular bosses or leaders of Mafia including: Frank Costello, Willie Moretti, Joe Adonis, Albert Anatasia, Casandra Bonosera, Joe Dicarlo, Sam Dicarlo and so on. All these famous leaders have played the great part for American Mafia wars time to time. You can read the detailed story of American Mafia through this book that only describes the true story.


If you really hold the interest in Mafia or Mob then this is time to buy this latest book by Louis P Divita and know the criminal experience of different mafia bosses. The book even describes the New Jersey Mafia families and many more related elements. It is such an interesting story must reveal the secrets about the American Mafia of 20th century and must give you chance to entertain your time through adventurous and exciting story. No doubt, mafia is very lethal and dangerous organization that only focuses on criminal activities and the mafia bosses had spent their whole life for this organization. They had attempt illegal activities and they had done a number of clashes with government. If you really want to review the exciting and criminal story of mafia then simply buy the latest mafia book namely “A Wiser Guy”.

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Mafia is the name that dictates about the organization that attempt criminal activities. These illegal activities make it distinct from the lawful organizations and they mainly engaged in robbery, killing, extortion, theft and so on. There are multiple resources which may give you chance to be aware of the mafia and its criminal stories. The mafia books serve the great part for the book lovers and the people who have interest in underworld, mob or gangsters. You can go for the new mafia books or can know the detailed story of American mafia who had endeavored several criminal incidents.


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Reading books is one of the interesting hobbies and it is not ideal for entertainment only but even good to boost knowledge. The mafia books must give you chance to know the true story of American mafia which is about the powerful mafia bosses, five mafia families, Castellammarse war and so on. You will even enjoy the story of mafia bosses how they live and perform the illegal activities. You will even know about the bosses who were willing to take control over the Mafia and how they struggled for this.


Philadelphia Mafia remains at least by traditional mob standards to be a dysfunctional family as various factions try and coexist on the streets. There were number of mafia bosses who taken the command of Philadelphia mafia and worked for Mafia in the way they actually wanted. The mafia was responsible for each and every criminal activity hold in 20th century. The most famous leaders of mafia were: Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, Willie Moretti, Joe Adonis, Albert Anatasia, Casandra Bonosera, Joe Dicarlo, Carlo Gambino and many more. If you really want to keep in touch with the true mafia story of 20th century then A Wiser Guy is the new mafia book will definitely suit you.