Know about the top 5 bosses of mafia in New York

Sicilian mafia is popular all over the world for its criminal activities and it has generated a number of mobsters. All the mobsters were popular in the 20th century for their illegal practices. The book lovers and the people who hold interest mafia, it is good choice to buy mafia book available in the market. The mafia book must describe the true story about American mafia and give you chance to understand several related facts. Sicilian mafia or Italian American organized crime network with operations in cities across the United States rose to power through its success in illicit trade during prohibition era.


Mafia in New York produced several dangerous leaders who were totally involved in illegal practices like gambling, robbery, theft, extortion and so on. The most famous figures of mafia in 20th century were:

  • Paul Palmeri
  • Frank Costello
  • Al Capone
  • Vito Genovese
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Albert Anastasia
  • Peter Magaddino
  • Stefano Magaddino
  • Joe Dicarlo and many more.


All these mobsters headed the mafia organization until they died and to read about their biography A Wiser Guy is the ultimate source. It describes the true story of American mafia and give you chance to read history of the mafia. The history will describe the mafia wars and other related stories of famous leaders of mafia. Castellammarese War is still popular all over the world and the war was between two famous mobsters for power and control over the mafia organization. The war was fought in the year 1929 to 1931 and the famous mafia boss Charles Lucky Luciano brought it to end. If you really want to learn about the mafia, its mobsters and five mafia families then A Wiser Guy is the best source will definitely suit you.


Read mafia books to know New Jersey mafia families

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Why to read books about mafia in New York?    


Mafia is such an interesting topic that must attract you to read whole story of mafia in New York and many more. There are number of leaders who have played the crucial part in it and you would definitely enjoy their story through the mafia books. A Wiser Guy is the great mafia book and it has proved to be a record break success amongst the other mafia books. This book contains the true story of mafia as it is written by a member of mafia family so you would definitely love to read the book and its interesting topics.


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